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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

i'm still here people...

Yup, this blog is still running

its just that i've been very lazy lately (wei honest wei!!!)
and have been putting a lot of effort into my youtube vBlog (tats wat i called it... smart huh?!)
yup, just watch them and it'll be easier, besides my creative side out shine there more... =P

Anyway, just wanna drop by and said tat i'm still gonna update stuff but not gonna be often lo ( something is wrong with the granmar in tat sentence...)

so yea... watch me videos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul Wong ... lazily- OUT!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

ok ok ok ....

I guess you guys are like super lazy huh?!
Anyway here is a preview of one of my vBlog... plz visit hon!!!!
( i sounded a bit desperate huh?! oh well....)

Paul Wong... vBlogging- ly OUT!!!

Ps = i changed my hair style... cool huh?! Punk wei...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Yay!!!! again!!!

I finally posted my first ever vBLOG on youtube!!!! Yay me!!!

anyway, from now on, if i dun feel like typing, i probably just post one vBlog on youtube and you guys go there la ya... lazy la... hehehehe

here is the address for the vBlog...


visit me, comment it, rate it... trash it... do wat ever you wan huh?! Just dun flag it cause... its crazy !!! besides, i didn't do anything wrong... or did i ?! mystery....

Paul Wong... vBlogging-ly OUT!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Exam finally over (actually got just one only but who bloody cares!!!) and i think i did quite well... so yea, uhm... today was quite tiring actually, went back home around 12.30 and then watch youtube for a while (YOUTUBE IS THE GREATEST INVENTION EVER!!!) and then went to bed to take a nap around 2.00 and woken up by a major storm... crazy man!!!

Then went back to sleep again and woke up around 6.30 and then just hang around the house doing my laundry and stuff... then went out to eat dinner with Ricky, and then just came back and change and everything.... quite boring actually today...

SO just watch nip tuck and it was crazy man!!! With the sex scene and all those really crazy plastic surgery and everything... this show is purely for porno but a bit more class... sigh...wats up with television these days... a human private anatomy is totally not being respected by hollywood... sigh

Anyway, i manage to catch my first ever Real World episode and it was so cool!!!!!!!
I love it!!!! Yay... i'm so gonna watch all of them!!!!

Oh yea, i found Family Guy ( a-very-disturbing-yet-some-how-funny cartoon) and it was very funny... i totally recommend it... (but beware, its very insulting to many people...)

So tomorrow is Pot Bless and kinda excited about it... Hopefully we all will have some fun ... btw, me dad sms me today saying that they bought me a lot of stuff... can't wait to see what they bought and everything... Yay!!!

SO yea, basically that's about everything... gonna start watching Heroes back and maybe see some other shows as well... well that's it i guess.. very boring huh?!

Paul Wong... veryverytheboring-ly OUT !!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Very sad...

All alone again... sigh... well, just came back from sending Lee En back to her house... The others also went back already... kinda sad cause finally for two straight days i have no company then suddenly my house is filled with all my friends then with just like that only, they all went back...

Now, my house is kinda very quiet again... sigh...sigh...sigh...

Anyway, tonight was kinda good, i've decided not to make mashed potato and just go with tomato stew and pea soup (which btw, fail miserably, it became porridge like and was like super thick man!!! Note to self, never trust tv cooking shows again!!!) and it was kinda gross actually...

I took a pic of it when we are cleaning up with my webcam ( my camera was send to be fix and my dad can't stop mocking me about it ... *sob*)

So yea... it was like all mushy and all harden!!! That was the worst... anyway, the spagetti was nice ( did i spell that right... goodness me, i'm so failing my english test!!!) and then we have like vanilla with strawberry strips ice-cream which was really nice and stuff.. One more thing, they all brought something for me... which was super sweet!!!

Uhm... they all help me out in cleaning up which was really sweet of them... i dun have to dlean up everything up by myself... *grin* it was all good.....

Oh yea, i show them this game i receive from my friend and it was very dissapointing because their reaction is not what i wanted... sigh... I'll try to post it...

anyway, here is another pic from the dinner thingy ....

So yea... everything was good (btw, above is me and yi qing... i'm the guy... obviously duh!!!!)

well, gonna study now, exams tomorrow!!!! Sigh... should have do this dinner thing tommorrow instead man... anyway, gonna go off now....

Hope everyone have a wondeful day tomorrow!!!!

Paul Wong Study-ly OUT !!!

ps = btw, those highlighted brackets sentence's colour are the same colour of the pea soup... more like pea porridge or something.... EWwwwww!!!!!

2nd day...

Today is the second day i'm home alone... very boring and nothing to do... what's more, i'm all alone... sigh...

Anyway, just came back from groceries shopping (still can't believe i actually did that... btw did i spell that correctly?!) and bought a lot of stuff... mainly for tonight and the potbless thingy i'm having this coming thursday, i've decided that i postpone it one day cause its more convinient for everyone to come on that day... SO yea... that's the update on the party...

Uhm... Oh yea... today i was so independent man... i did all the house chores ( which is my mum's responsibility but instead i took over because obviously she's not here...) and i was so proud of my self... *hidung kembang* (this means that my nose is enlarging... is a common phrase we use in Malaysia... to someone who are self-righteous... heheheheeh... to those who dun understand la...) Anyway, did you notice i use a lot of "la", this is very very the bad because its such a habit and then, during the EIlts thingy (still cannot get that right!!!), i would accidentally said it!!! Goodness me... need to practise some more then...

Ayway, nothing much to say, resting right now, waiting till like 7.00 something, then only starts preparing stuff and things... yea... boring i know...

Well, will update soon on the dinner thingy... hopefully everything will go well tonight... *finger crossing*

Talk to you guys later then...

Paul Wong ... stillwaitingforfriendstocome-ly OUT !!!

Yay me!!!!

Finally, after many searches and research i've done... (well actually, hehehe, i just got it from my friend's blog...so thank you guys!!! btw, this is their address and their blogs are super the funny!!! http://www.fcuk4.blogspot.com/, its not wat you think it is... just visit them... its fun!) i got a comment box!!!!! YAY ME!!!!

Now, anyone and everyone can put up their comments there which only takes like a few seconds to do, so plz do comment something cause i need to know whether people are actually reading my blog?! Plz people... help me here!!!!

Anyway, still watching Ryan's video blog and its actually kinda getting (plz forgive me Ryan... ) a bit boring cause he's giving advice and his opinion to people (which, btw i think its wonderful and a very noble thing to do...) ... dun get me wrong, i really like talk show (Oprah people!!!)... maybe i'm just tired or maybe because so used to seing him being all goofy and funny, then all of a sudden became this very-serius-kinda-advice-counselor and ...LOL.... anyway, just wanna say kepp up the good work mate and this world need more people like you (and I... =P) ...

SO anyway, this is my second post for today, ( i'm being very "hardworking"... posting for you guys... be grateful people!!!) nothing much happen, i tried to study and stuff and I DID MY OWN LAUNDRY TODAY!!!!!! YAY ME!!!!!

See i can be independent you know!!!
Anyway, tommorrow got a very busy day head, going to college first to help out in the CF booth, then going shopping later to buy groceries... (can't believe i've just said that!?) then have to get back home to cook and prepare for the dinner party.... I'll update you guys later ya...

Well, hope you guys have a wonderful day tommorrow and one last thing...


Today was the result day and heard it was kinda good (well all my friends anyway)

FOr those who are depressing now, get a life people!!! Its not the end of the world... you'll find out when you enter college, SPM seems like a myth by then...

Again, congrats to them and may they be prepared to enter college... *evil laugh with thunder at the background... accidentally strike a bat... Zues, Lord of thunder saying "sori ... my bet"*

Paul Wong... SPMissooverforme-ly OUT !!!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Interesting night...

Well, yesterday was my first night home alone... kinda scary if you know what i mean...
SO yea la, was home alone.... i did the craziest thing yesterday... i went out like 2.00 am and bought supper!!!! MC d somemore!!!!! How crazy is that?! It was like so cool man... was kinda hungry, so went there and bought two large meals for like RM 12 bucks!!! I got coupon from the star so yea... it was kinda cooll

Anyway, yerterday was kinda quiet and lonely cause you know, so used to the noise and commontion in my house suddenly all became so quiet.. kinda weird ....

Uhm... well, i kinda plan a lot of things for this whole week, having a dinner party tumolo with my best friends and it is gonng be super fun!!!

I'll be cooking (yes people, i cooked!!! How cool is that?!)
-mashed potato
-tomato stew ( i know it sounds very yucky but its not what it sounds like, i dunno how to anme it so just put tomato stew but its super good!!!)
-and pea mozeralla soup!!!! ( i hate cheese... sori people... but this is very easy to make, so i thought i give it a try and see how it goes... Wish me all the best!!! GAMBATEI!!!)

And of course, we are going to talk ,play and have some groovy time tommorrow!!! Yea... finally some company which i long for...

Then i'm having a Potbless ( a party also, with everyone bringing some food from home) for my CF on Thursday and a sleepover on Friday... kinda sounds a bit desperate huh?! Well, what can i say, i'm a very lonely-phobia person!!!

Oh, yea this morning me parents message me saying that they arrive at China safely, THANK GOD!!! Uhm... anything else... nothing much really,

Gonna post some pic if can from the party and let you guys see how much fun i am!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul Wong... Party-ly OUT!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Me family just left the house to stay at me dad's apartment in NILAI which is like only 10 minutes closer to KLIA (btw, its the international airport... to those who dunno lo) SO yea, kinda lonely at first like, the are no sounds at all, only me all alone in the whole house... kinda scary if you think about, which reminds me of this scary movie i watch... wait....*erase thought* *erase thought*.... dun wan to scare myself...LOL

So yup... nothing much happen today... hehehhe... i did something kinda bad.... no... very bad... i skip church today (stop ur condemnation people!!!) yup... slept till like 10.30 and then woken up by Wei Chin's message... hehehehe

Anyway, the webcam thingy still haven't work out yet... asked my brother to send it to me the setup file through email but can't... through msn also can't... then through rapidshare but that smarty-pants dun know how it works which leave at the verge of frusfration... then me dad called saying that wait for five days till they come back and then only install the damn thing.... i was like, it onli takes 5 bloody minutes!!!!!!!!!!!

Sigh.... anyway, kinda worried for them... you know, going to china and stuff... but hopefully and i will and am praying very hard that God will look after them and that i dun have to worry about anything... well, gonna start watching all the shows i have been saving for this time...

Just finish studying but none of it go in my mind.... getting a bit worried cause the exams is like this wed!!!! DIE lo!!!!

Have a wonderful week this week people!!!

Paul Wong... kindaworried-ly OUT !!!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

sigh... another tiring day...

Well, today was anything but out-of-the-ordinary for me...

Nothing much happen anyway, went to church and just sitting in service alone because SOMEONE didn't come (you abandon me woman!!! ), sigh, so long didn't hear from her, was kinda thinking something might have happened to her or something...*erase thought*... sigh... might call her soon,,,

Anyway, was just watching Ryan's blog again, i tell you, he's officially the funniest person (after me dad of course... though some of his jokes are so lame, it's cool... hehehehee...sori rachel... =P)

SO yea, before that, me brother was like playing the most-idiotic-yet-everybody-is-crazy-over-except-for-me online game, Maple story... sigh, what is up with youngster nowadays... I was like wanted to use the com but he was like "i want to lvl up or something..." goodness me... (sori to all mapler out there but its just not my cup of coffee...) I was like dozing off every few miliseconds in my room but it was like so hot and then i went out to the living room but became suddenly very jumpy and keep waking every few nanoseconds and stuff...

Anyway, in the process of making my first video for CF... promo video actually, in the brainstorming process... dunno wat to put in the video yet but i'll think of something....soon...or else....sigh....

Haven't study for exam yet.... better start soon of else me CGPA is gonna drop like a snow ball rolling down mount everest becoming an evalance...( is that how you spell it?! Oh no .... i'm gonna fail my eilts... did i spell that right too?!)

so yea, nothing interesting today, gonna go soon...

Nitez people!!!!!!!

Paul Wong... nothingtosay-ly OUT !!!

Guess wat?!

I have been watching this video blog for like crazy wei!!! I watch every single one of the videos this really funny guy post, very gay and super cool, he's like talking none stop and stuff and really funny... there was this one where he acted like a strong-bitchy black woman and it was hilarious!!!! I was like "what the heck?!"... here it is...

(it might take a while but really worth it!!!)

Also one of his video show him playing rihanna - unfaithful... i had a moment of "hallelujah" -ing cause i've been trying to play that song like forever and can't even get the first note right but when i saw how he played it (though it was a different key... i still manage to catch it... i'm a genuis!!! [.."] *sweat...), i instantly got it and was like... "thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!" (thx a lot Ryan... a huge gigantic shout out to ya!!!) Btw, he's name is Ryan Eaton i think... hhehehe.... he's just a really cool guy to hang with i think, well judging by his videos of course but anyway... life's been quite good to me... guess what... i got like 31.8 something in me MS subject (FYI, its Morale Studies... sigh...what a waste of time and energy... stupid education board!!!) So, yea, it was good (btw, it over 40... go figure!!!) and now, i'm focusing on doing the project and studying for my final final's exam which is computing skills 202, which is another waste-of-time-and-energy-type-of subject. So yea...

Yes, one more thing...

I'M HAVING A POT BLESS IN MY HOUSE ON THE 14TH OF MARCH 2007 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hehehehe, it'll be super cool and everyone would have a wonderful time then... can't wait for it...
So, yea, the vidi blog thingy still on the trial-and-error stage, can't believe when i record the video (which btw, was very stupid, i felt like an idiot for talking to the webcam thingy and i felt even stupider when i saw myself talking back to me!!!) and it was like almost 200 MB!!! i was like what the?!... Crazy punya webcam man!!!

So yea gonna ask me dad to bring back the installation cd and then onli try again and maybe post it on youtube or something... see how everything goes la...

Anyway, nothign much happening, going to prepare the list for mum to buy during the China trip which i really wanted to go but at the same time very excited of being home-alone for a week !!!

So yea, very late now, gonna call it a night and see you guys soon!!!

Paul Wong... Vidiblogging-ly OUT !!!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

hey hey hey...

Well, its been ok since that big-whole-dramatic-crazy-overly-boost event few days back but now everything seems a bit normal... me cousin came for a few days and uhm... nothing much really... naturally i became their tour guide for a nite and i got treated for dinner that night which was kinda good and nice...

anyway, was thinking of starting a vidi blog but feels kinda...no... VERY with all the capitals stupid... very stupid, imagine talking to the webcam... i tell you but was kinda fun i think... was inspire by this guy who did vidi blog on youtube... so maybe i should do one too... sorta

Anyway, uhm... me family is leaving this sun... kinda sad T.T... but kinda exciting as well because there's a whole new world and opportunities i must not miss during all this time and... hehehehehe... *cheeky smile*

Just finish home work and gonna start revising soon, my final finals is next week wed!!! i hate computing stuff... make feels very stupid (no offense to any geeks and nerd out there... i'm one too... sorta... =P)

So, gonna turn off soon, maybe try again with the vidi blog and see how well it goes... =)
Nitez people!!!

Paul Wong... OUT!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

very very the sad... *sob*

Sigh... was so excited about it just a few days ago, thought i could shop till i drop... literally!!! but guess everything has a purpose right?!

Anyway, the story goes like this... i was suppose to be on this trip to go to Zu Hai ( i'm not saying a rude word and secondly i totally have no idea how to spell it!!!) in China. The legend goes that you can find anything there... sounds familiar?! Of course it does!!! Petaling street anyone? So what's so special about this Zu Hai (stop mocking me you evil people!!! Its not a rude word!!!), again according to a legend told by a reliable source (me dad... LOL!!!), you can find anything there at half the price of the stuff you find in Chi Jong Kai... Petaling Street la smarty-pants!!! ( and you call ur self KL lang... *shame on you*)

So yea, everything is like super the cheap, like remember the mp3/mp4/video/e-books/voice recorder thingy i mention... its there i think... and also i heard that the i-pod nano there is like only RM 80 bucks!!!!!! Man i really want to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, i can't because of a stupid exam i have to take on the 14th of March and we're leaving on the 12th of March... *sob* *sob*... even applying to the head of my department also didn't approve it... ( that guy is official on my list and nobody wants to be on my list... *evil laugh*!!!!)

So i'm stranded here for five days, with all my family members going for retail theraphy and here i am, sitting all alone in my small-but-cosy-enough-and-able-to-fit-a-few-friends-over house... *bulbs lights up*.... are you thinking of what i'm thinking... the whole house by myself for five days... *evil thought coming to my mind*.... hehehehee..... oooo fun is knocking on my door.... i can feel the excitement already...LOL!!!!!!!! *evil laugh very loudly* (*next door neighbour* "hey you boleh shut up tak?!")

Hhehehehe.... its time for me to spread my wings....*evil grin* (ok?! i'm scaring myself, there are like a million evil grins here....*sweat...)

Anyway, gonna update soon and maybe i'll let you guys come over for some young and cool fun!!!

The whole house by myself...
The whole house by myself...
The whole house by myself...
The whole house by myself...
The whole house by myself...

Paul Wong... wholehousebymyself-ly OUT!!!

ps = finally i got over my laziness to use colour in my post and hopefully it brighten things up a bit...

or maybe not...

watever la...

who cares anyway...

ok you can stop reading now...

dun have to be so rajin wan la...



Friday, March 2, 2007

Just an update on the HEROES!!!!

I've just finish downloading three Heroes episode...i'm lik OMGoodness, i really can't wait to watch it and rub it in my friends face that i'm so ahead heheheheheh ahahahhahahahah AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Btw, i've a new anthem for now... its gia farrell - hit me up.... very very the cool (high five kim!!!)
Here are the lyrics for that song... "I can help but make a scene..." hehehehe

Verse 1
I did cause a commotion
I can't help but make a scene
I ain't lookin for somethin premintent to get at me
Tell you what it's gonna be
You better step up your game
Before you can step with m

Pre - Chorus
Can't you see me walkin through the door
Maybe I should turn it up a little but more
I can't help but feel responsible
For what the girls hate
And the boys adore

say hey what's it gonna be tonight
come hit me up
come hit me up
say hey party with me tonight
come hit me up
come hit me up
say hey we been running all night
come hit me up
come hit me up
I know you feel it cause you checking me right
come hit me up
come hit me up
baby baby, just a little bit
baby baby, just a little more
baby baby, let me see ya
walk to me talk to me handle me right

Verse 2
i walk in jaws all be droppin
It's so electrified
Don't mean to intend my date
don't mean to make you loose your mind

if you want this work it for this
show me that you got what's right
you better make an impression
won't get another try

Pre - Chorus


uhoh hey(x3)

Chorus (x2)

baby baby, just a little bit
baby baby, just a little more
baby baby, let me see ya
walk to me talk to me handle me right(x2)

(notice i finally change the colour of the text ... woohoo!!!)

Did you know that its the OST for Happy Feet?! have you guys watch it yet? it was super very the cool lo i tell you... makes me kinda wanna do tap dance... NOT!!!!

Paul Wong... Tap Dancing-ly OUT!!!