f a l l i n g i n l o v e . . .

Friday, November 23, 2007

very the tiredness...

I am taking a break from studying and update my long-no-update blog... Gosh, this is the worst of all exam-preparation man.. seriously, i have never been so insecure or so stressful in my life man.. and its just a diploma... GGRRRR!!!!

And to top things off, my mp3 is not working... i have no music to accompany me in my torture chamber... this is no fun at all... truly, exams are a curse bestow upon student all over the world to torture them and brings an eternal suffering to those who wish and hope to survive !!!! how dramatic can i get?! lol

Well, gonna continue now... just few more days till doomsday and after that one week freakin' exams... I WILL BE FREE!!!!!!!!

I will survive!!!
Ain't no mountain high enough!!!!
Ain't no river wide enough!!!!

Yay me!!!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


4 days till doomsday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007


no post
finals in two weeks
assignments due soon
gonna tried and study again
very happy
and excited
yet nervous
and a bit of tiredness
ok...maybe a lot...

Friday, November 2, 2007


Everyone is doing this kinda post...so thought i try...hehe

(1) I'm a guy
(2) I love dancing
(3) I was called Paully-ester
(4) My college share almost the same name as another college
(5) I used to watch sailormoon
(6) I love bread with chocolate and peanut butter
(7) I'm a huge fan of Mocha Mud Pie from TGI
(8) I'm "in love" with Jojo
(9) I have more than 500 hundreds songs in my com and in counting
(10) I love ATWT
(11) I'm in desperate need of help for Anatomy
(12) I might be goign to Aussie but still keeping my options open
(13) I love going to The Curve and Ikano
(14) I personally felt that music is an expression of soul when no body parts are involve in it
(15) Walrus + Monkey = WalKey!!!
(16) I'm kewl because i play Soduko
(17) I'm addicted to Grey's and Heroes
(18) I have the most recent episodes of Grey's and Heroes!!!
(19) I'm really stress OUT!!!
(20) I love karaoke...
(21) I love buffets especially those with ice-creams...
(22) I love the Shayne Ward's new single...
(23) I'm moving to a new house!!!1
(24) It has a swimming pool!!!
(25) I will have a blue and pink room!!!!
(26) I'm still single... yet somehow might be changing soon hopefully....hehe =P
(27) I wanted to become a food-critic
(28) I would love to work in a ice-cream parlour
(29) I love ballet...
(30) I want to fall in love
OK....that's it for now... can't think of anything to say...amybe later i'll add more...